Liebe Besucher:innen, die Website des Ideation & Prototyping Lab der Technologiestiftung wird nicht mehr aktualisiert, bleibt aber zu archivarischen Zwecken online. Unsere neueren Projekte findet ihr auf der Seite des CityLAB Berlin.

Zum CityLAB Berlin
Foto von Gosia Magdon
Gosia Magdon
Coordination – CityLAB Berlin
Malgorzata, also called Gosia, Magdon is a classic all-rounder. Whether organizing events, creating brochures, or setting up rooms. She keeps the strings together in day-to-day business and is the first point of contact for everything that happens in our innovation lab in Tempelhof. She has an architectural background and is currently doing her master’s degree in building research and historic preservation. Gosia is always happy about the visitors at CityLAB who would like to exchange ideas about urban development over a cup of coffee.