Liebe Besucher:innen, die Website des Ideation & Prototyping Lab der Technologiestiftung wird nicht mehr aktualisiert, bleibt aber zu archivarischen Zwecken online. Unsere neueren Projekte findet ihr auf der Seite des CityLAB Berlin.

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Foto von Edmundo Galindo
Edmundo Galindo
UX/UI HCI Research & Design
Edmundo is an interface and industrial designer and works as a research assistant at CityLAB Berlin and Ideation & Prototyping Lab. With his experience in user experience, user interface, interaction design and human centered design, he has designed, conducted and evaluated numerous design thinking workshops for the administration, cultural landscape and civil society. He is currently working on various projects for the modernization of the government administration and its online services for civil society in the field of service design, user experience and develops prototypical solution approaches for digital applications with future-oriented visions.